Dosan Ahn Chang-ho was born in the late 19th century, an unfortunate time in the nations history, when the Chosun Dynasty was seeing its decline. A devoted patriot and the nation's spiritual leader, Dosan, along with his fellow patriots, dedicated all his waking hours to national independence, cohesion and prosperity. Everything Dosan did was for the country.When he ate, it was for the country. When he slept, it was also for the country.

Half a century had passed since the nation finally won its independence. Over the years, Korea has achieved riches and material well-being. Yet inside, the nation lives with the scar of seeing the country torn apart in two. At the same time, it is faced with the most threatening spiritual and cultural challenges ever. It is at times like these that we need to rekindle the spirit and strength of the past generation and pass it down to the next.

Dosan has too clearly shown us what love for the people and patriotism means. The spirit of Dosan is what we need most of all to look to in guiding this country to a new direction. In 1998, the year that will mark the 120 years since his birth and 60 years since he willingly gave up his life for the nation, we will dedicate the Dosan Ahn Chang-ho Memorial Hall to honor his memory, so that his spirit will be forever remembered and passed on. For our younger generations, it will provide them with a real-life experience into an important chapter in this nations history.

The Dosan memorial Park, built in 1973, is where the souls of Dosan Ahn Chang-ho and his wife lay resting. The Park serves as a reminder and memorial to all the people who come and visit to pay tribute to Dosan.
The Dosan Memorial Hall will display his life, in the hope that visitors will gain a better perspective on what Dosan stood for. The Memorial Hall will serve to show the future generations the true meaning of a nation and its people, to remind them of the great spiritual leader we are all so proud to have, and to pass down the legacy Dosan has created.

The Memorial Hall was planned in the hope of bringing people together, of reminding us the high price we had to pay for what we have now, so that we may all double our efforts and commitment at making this nation one again. It is our hope to lay a firm foundation for the nations reunification by awakening our desire and will for national unity.

Lastly, we would like to ask for the people and our civic organizations continued support and participation in our efforts so that our cause may reach and touch every soul in the nation.

March 10, 1997      
A memorial service on the 59th anniversary of Dosan 's decease     




Dosan, Our True Role Model
                                                - Written by Ku, Sang -

In celebration of the 120th anniversary of your birthday,
The whole nation, in deep earnest and reverence,
Set up a humble memorial and opened its doors.

Here on earth, you were never quick to take credit for yourself
And always placed others before you.
That is why maybe up in heaven, instead of being pleased,
You'll be looking down on our shortcomings
And be swept away in pain and sorrow.

Indeed, even in the harshest of times,
You have looked only to righteousness and justice.
You were the epitome of what these values stand for.
You have taught us to learn what our everyday lives teach us
And to live by the values we have thus found.

So in your lessons and footsteps,
We see not a temporary strategy or guidance,
Nor some ideal conceptual goal,
But a quintessential law of life.

Now as we see the nation before us, painfully torn apart in two,
We fully understand what it was that you were fighting for.
We need to truly follow your footsteps.
To do that, we need to reflect on our own lives
To live up to our promises and pay our duties to this country
We make our pledges before you.

At the opening ceremony of the Dosan Ahn Chang-ho Memorial,          
November 9, 1999          

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